era 1960's Turn On, Tune In & Drop Out

1806 Old Fashioned

1960s – Turn On, Tune In & Drop Out

Boozy  /  Timeless  /  Sophisticated

Known as the godfather of cocktails, the name refers to the old fashioned approach to making a cocktail – a combination of alcohol, sugar, bitters and water was the go-to method since back in 1806! These days this classic cocktail comes in as many variations as there are bottles of booze behind the bar. We have kept true to the more original recipe by presenting a stiff whisky drink while featuring some delicious Melbourne based products. We let it all sit in an oak cask so the flavours bind together nicely until it’s ready to be enjoyed.

  • Starward Two Fold
  • Brookie’s Mac Liqueur
  • Cacao Macadamia Bitters



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