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Above is the current version of our 1806 Cocktail Menu.
Being a classic Cocktail bar, there are lots of drinks not listed that can be ordered off menu.
Ask your bartender for any recommendations or specials.


Named after the year that the word “Cocktail” was first defined in print, 18o6 has designed its menu concept around the complex and engaging history of mixed drinks. The concept follows a timeline over the past 200 years capturing the essence of each decade and what people were drinking at the time.

With this edition of the 18o6 Cocktails menu, the bar has been raised yet again, by researching not only the drinks themselves but also how they have been directly implicated with major global events. The recipes in this menu have been kept, as much as possible, to the original recipes. By utilising homemade ingredients, the freshest
produce available and the best quality ice, you will find yourself transported back to another time.

This menu restores many long forgotten drinks, not merely for the sake of it, but because we feel they deserve another time in the spotlight. We are sure you will find a few new favourites.

The year that defined the cocktail

169 Exhibition St. Melbourne
03 9663 7722

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