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Listed below is a collection of original creations, house favourites and classics.
All other classic cocktail are available upon request, just ask one of our friendly
team members.

Theatre, comedy, dance, opera and music all share the wondrous platform that is the stage; showcasing talents and taking the audience somewhere they will never forget.

What set us off on this journey was the realization that the work of the humble (most of the time) bartender has slowly crept into the same realm of appreciation as these other great disciplines. After all, the bar is a stage in itself – a place to showcase what has been carefully learnt, rehearsed and perfected in front of an audience ready to be amazed!

With these similarities in mind, we decided to put together a menu to celebrate the time and effort that goes in to all forms of performance. Please enjoy this appreciation of performance through history and around the globe as we raise a glass to those that thrill and entertain, and to those that keep our glasses full!


The year that defined the cocktail

169 Exhibition St. Melbourne
03 9663 7722

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